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Lab manufacturing Info

Grace Orthotic Devices Inc. is an authorized Medical Device Establishment License

Holder with Health Canada. Grace Orthotic Devices Inc. is approved to manufacture

therapeutic products and medical devices in Ontario, Canada.

Grace Orthotic Devices Inc. accepts orders from medical practitioners and clinics who

prescribe custom made orthotics for his/her patient.

Several steps are involved to produce a custom made orthotics at Grace Orthotic

Devices Inc.

• Only non-weight bearing plaster cast or Foam Impression submitted along with a

prescription will be accepted.

• At the lab, a positive cast is made by pouring plaster into the negative cast.

• When it is dry, lab technicians correct the positive plaster cast mold according to

the physician's or medical professional’s recommendations.

• Raw materials such as high strength carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic,

polypro, and co-polymer, are selected based on prescription and are heated and

draped over the positive mold.

• Vacuum forming presses the material tight to the contours of the mold creating

an orthotic shell.

• Precision grinding for correction is performed according to the patient's foot


• The orthotics are finished with appropriate accommodations such as metatarsal

pads, heel spur pads and proper top covers.

Finished products are dispensed to Podiatrists, Chiropodists,  Pedorthists, Chiropractors, and clinic based medical practitioners. All medical devices are designed and manufactured per the manufacturing practices guidelines and requirements of Health Canada including safety guidelines and are designed to be used according to the medical practitioner's prescription and specifications.

 Grace Orthotic Devices Inc.